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Danone as Nutri-Score pioneer

In 2018, Danone was the first company in Germany and Switzerland to commit to introducing the Nutri-Score labelling system on its products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Since mid-2020, more than 95% of the Danone Group's fresh dairy products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland already carried the Nutri-Score. And by the end of 2020, the entirety of the Nutri-Score pioneer's products were labelled with the traffic light system.*

*With the exception of some products in Switzerland. We are still working on this.

Nutriscore: New colour coding system

Nutri-Score is an independent, easy-to-understand, science-based front-of-product labelling system. It rates processed foods based on their nutritional information and ranks them in categories from A/green, to E/red. The Nutri-Score label enables everyone to spot the nutritional quality of a product at a glance and to compare foods more easily. Nutri-Score is calculated on a per 100 gram basis, not per serving. It has been shown in numerous studies to positively influence consumers' shopping behaviour.

By the end of 2020, all Danone GmbH products bear the Nutri-Score

Actimel 8 Pack Strawberry

Starting with FruchtZwerge in February 2019, followed by Dany in March 2019, Activia in May 2019 and Actimel in autumn 2019, the Nutri-Score can now be found on all major product lines in the fresh dairy range as well as on plant-based alternatives. By the end of 2020, all fresh dairy products from Danone Germany, Austria and Switzerland* were labelled with the Nutri-Score. Danone products receive Nutri-Score ratings from "A" to "D", with most products being labelled with a dark green "A" or green "B" due to their very good to good nutritional quality, such as Activia 100% Plant-based or Actimel. A few products, such as the Dany Sahne range, carry a yellow "C" or orange "D".


*With the exception of some products in Switzerland. We are still working on this.