Danone Goals by 2030


We firmly believe that the health of people and planet are interconnected. Both need to be nourished and protected. At the same time, people from all over the world are reinventing how to eat, drink and socialize over food. Danone 'One Planet. One Health' is our response to the challenges and opportunities of the food revolution. As a guiding principle, we have developed our Danone 2030 goals.

This agenda of nine long-term goals relates to our business model, our brand mission and our trust principle. The Danone 2030 Goals are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and formulated in language that is universally understood.

To learn more about how we contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, click here.

Danone 2030 goals


The realization of our goals builds on an innovative governance framework, which seeks to further foster engagement and action inside and outside the company. This framework gives our more than 100,000 Danone employees the power to co-own our company agenda.

Participative 'one person, one voice' program to empower employees to co-own our company agenda

In 2018, we asked all 100,000 Danone employees to actively participate in shaping the future in terms of the Danone 2030 goals and to implement them to create new futures together. To uniquely empower them to do this, we have developed the 'One Person, One Voice' program - an internal platform with extensive sharing and learning resources - related to the company's vision and goals. This includes content generated from collaborations with like-minded partners such as the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). All Danone employees have the opportunity to learn more, understand better and build on the issues, challenges and opportunities related to the goals.  

In addition, since 2018, all Danone employees have been able to contribute their voice to both our corporate agenda and the development of the roadmaps for the 2030 Goals at local and global levels. Since 2019, we have been sharing and discussing the results of 'One Voice. One Share' with our board of directors. In this way, we ensure that every Danone employee can participate in shaping the corporate agenda.

'One person, one share': each employee to receive one Danone share to deepen the ownership mindset

Complementing ‘One Person, One Voice’, every Danone employee participates in the ‘One Person, One Share’ program. Each of our employees has been granted one Danone share, in combination with an annual, amplified dividend-based incentive scheme.

In addition, a mechanism similar to our current French employee company investment fund is progressively implemented worldwide. This provides employees a further opportunity to invest in the company at a discounted price and to increase a sense of ownership.

*Danone Communities : https://www.danonecommunities.com/de/
**Danone Ecosystem Fond: http://ecosysteme.danone.com/
***Livelihood Fonds: https://www.livelihoods.eu/