Source protection

and quality

A good natural mineral water starts with a healthy nature. It is our responsibility to protect it. For more than a decade, we have been preserving the origins of this valuable natural product - the environment shaped by volcanoes and the Alps, and the sources from which our Volvic and evian® emerge. And you can taste it!

Mineral water is a natural product

Volvic Vulkan

It is formed by rain or snow falling in the catchment area of the source, which is then filtered through various layers of rock for years. Natural mineral water, compared to many other types of water, is not permitted to be chemically treated to improve its quality.

At first glance, you could easily confuse tap water and mineral water. But they are two completely different products. While mineral water is naturally pure, tap water is a technical product. A comparison of various aspects makes this clear.

Around 90 additives are permitted in tap water

Mineral water is characterized by natural purity and is not permitted to be chemically processed in order to improve its quality.

Frau in der Natur

In contrast, the physical, chemical and microbiological treatment of tap water, which in Germany consists on average of 70 percent groundwater and 30 percent surface water, is permitted and in many places necessary in order to allow consumers to drink it. Water suppliers are permitted to use around 90 additives and 9 disinfection processes to disinfect, deacidify, soften and desalinate the water, among other things. Tap water is therefore chemically clean rather than naturally pure*. Although groundwater is generally of good quality, treatment is necessary in many regions, according to the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt - UBA). Surface water, on the other hand, must always be treated, according to UBA.

Only mineral water guarantees natural purity

Right at the source, mineral water, which comes from underground deep water protected from contamination, is originally pure and therefore directly drinkable. 

Gletscher im Sonnenschein

The limits and orientation values prescribed in the Mineral and Table Water Ordinance (MTVO) apply to all mineral sources. If these are safely and permanently undercut, mineral water is the only food product in Germany to be officially recognized. Disinfection with chlorine or other chemical agents is strictly prohibited. Until the bottle is opened, the high quality is fully guaranteed at all times, since mineral water is bottled directly from the source to ensure its original purity. For more information, visit the website Dialog Mineral Water.


Volvic is a low-sodium mineral water that comes from one of the largest nature reserves in Europe: the French Auvergne. Here, the natural mineral water emerges from under the "Puy de Dôme" volcano, where it is filtered through six layers of volcanic rock over a period of years.

evian® - 100% natural quality

The source of evian® is located in the heart of the French Alps, in Evian-les-Bains. Here, the natural mineral water rises pure and untouched as nature has created it. Filtered for 15 years through glacial rock, which is located in a 70,000ha nature reserve. This gives evian® its balanced mineralization and unique taste. From the source in Evian-les-Bains to the consumer, we work constantly to preserve the purity and exceptional quality of evian®. At every step of this journey, we perform strict quality checks. As a result, throughout the evian® product cycle, more than 300 individual checks for microbiological and chemical ingredients are made every day. Quality samples are taken every hour at various points along the production lines.


To preserve this valuable resource, evian® works with local stakeholders and organizations to protect the source and its catchment area. Thus, only as much water is extracted from the source as it can reproduce naturally. evian® is also committed to the conservation and sustainable use of natural water resources at the international level.

evian® has been bottled in Evian-les-Bains since 1826.