Quality in focus

We all want only the best for our loved ones, whether they are only a few days old or many years old. At Nutricia Milupa, we also want to live up to this aspiration - through strict guidelines that guarantee the first-class quality of our products. Babies and young children are particularly sensitive to environmental influences and nutrition. For some babies, our products are even their only source of nutrition. People in critical moments of life, such as cancer, frailty and chronic diseases, also have special requirements for nutrition. And for this reason, we do not compromise on the quality and safety of these products.

In line with our Danone 'One Planet. One Health' vision, we want to inspire people to live healthier and provide inspiration for more sustainable eating and drinking habits. After all, we believe that people's health and the planet's health are closely linked. Where better to start implementing this vision than with the quality of our products?

Quality Controls