All of our products - such as Activia, Actimel or Dany - stand for consistent high quality and their unique taste. Quality and product safety is what we focus on precisely in all our plants. With Ochsenfurt and Rosenheim we have two production sites in Germany. Additionally, we import from our plants in France and Belgium to provide the Swiss market.

Image Source: BurdaFoodAgency


Danone plant Ochsenfurt

The site in Ochsenfurt near Würzburg plays an important role in yogurt production in the European production network. With approximately 220 employees, the plant is a major employer in the region. This will continue to be the case long term – guaranteed by a series of investments that will prepare the plant for the future in regard to production, innovation and environmental protection. In the future, Ochsenfurt will also manufacture plant-based products.

Facts & Figures

  • Employees: approx. 220
  • Products: e.g. Activia, Dany, Danone Family yogurt
  • Amount of milk processed annually: approx. 90 million liters
  • Milk supplied by around 110 farmers in the North Baden (Baden Württemberg) region 
  • Continuous improvement of CO2 balance; numerous projects for CO2 reduction in production, packaging and logistics; green electricity
  • ISO 14001 certified since 2005 (EMAS certification in 1997)

Danone plant Rosenheim

At site in Rosenheim, the main focus lies the production of quark and cream cheese products such as Quark-Joghurt Creme, Obstgarten and Topfencreme for Austria.

Facts & Figures

  • Employees: approx. 160
  • Products: e.g. Danone Disney, Quark-Joghurt Creme, Obstgarten
  • Production of similar recipes for neighboring European countries (for example Topfencreme, Danio, Vitalinea)
  • Amount of milk processed annually: approx. 100 million liters of milk from around 214 farmers in the Rosenheim area
  • Continuous improvement of the CO² balance, ISO 14001 certified since 2005 (EMAS certified since 1997), green electricity

Cooperation with farmers and animal welfare

We support regional milk production and source our milk from farmers located within the area of our production sites. We have been working with some of our farmers in a reliable partnership for many generations.

An important aspect of this partnership is the welfare of the animals that supply us with the milk for our products. For instance, Danone's animal welfare criteria have been in place for many years and are part of our quality assurance program. These animal welfare criteria ensure that the farmers from whom we source the milk pay attention to animal welfare at all times. First and foremost, this includes species-appropriate husbandry that allows the animals to act out their natural behavioral patterns while benefiting from the protection of the barn.