The secret of the unmistakable Obstgarten taste? Fresh alpine milk from the region paired with our love for the craft. And you can taste it with every spoonful! Obstgarten is available in the delicious varieties: strawberry, blueberry, cherry or apricot, on a fine cream cheese preparation, your choice of vanilla flavor, natural or in a protein version.


Obstgarten Classic

Packshot of Obstgarten Strawberry Classic

Obstgarten Strawberry

Packshot of Obstgarten Cherry Classic

Obstgarten Cherry

Packshot of Obstgarten Blueberry Classic

Obstgarten Blueberry

Obstgarten Vanilla

Obstgarten Strawberry Vanilla

Obstgarten Blueberry Vanilla

Packshot of Obstgarten Apricot Vanilla

Obstgarten Apricot Vanilla

Obstgarten Protein

Obstgarten Erdbeere Protein

Obstgarten Strawberry Protein

Obstgarten Proteinreich Peach

Obstgarten Peach Protein